Techbit X 2.0 is now available

Unlock the potential of AI to minimize equipment downtime

Our machine-learning edge technology is plug-and-play and will enhance your industrial operation by cutting down the time to perform root cause analysis. No cloud required.

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Product features

Powerful tools to help you improve your operations

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Anomaly Detection

Our product detects unexpected changes in equipment behavior, allowing you to identify potential issues before they become problems.

No Cloud Required

Our technology performs all machine learning computations locally, ensuring maximum security and eliminating the need for internet connectivity or cloud connectivity.

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Our system sends real-time alerts, so you can quickly respond to issues and minimize risk to your operation.

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Our platform provides advanced data analysis tools, allowing you to gain insights and optimize performance of your facility.

How It Works

Step 1


Our plug-and-play device is designed for easy installation, typically mounted on a DIN rail alongside an existing industrial controller. Our product is ready to be installed out of the box, making the process simple and efficient.

Quick Configuration

Our technology has software onboard with a user-friendly GUI, easily accessible through the existing HMI. Simply install the device and configure it to communicate with the industrial controller.

Step 2


After installation, our technology begins the machine learning process, where it learns the nominal behavior of the equipment, allowing it to detect anomalies more accurately.


Our device can send anomaly alerts via email and text message, via API, to stay informed and respond quickly.

Step 3


After the device is configured and the machine learning process is completed, it is set to monitor the equipment for any unexpected changes in behavior. It will then report any anomalies it detects, providing early warning of potential issues, so that they can be addressed before they cause problems.


Our technology provides an easy-to-use custom software interface for access to historical information and real-time insights on anomaly root causes, without the need for AI/ML expertise.

Start using the power of AI, today.