Nuclear AI and Nuclear Technology Companies Sign MOU to Improve Plant Reliability

Published on:
April 12, 2024

Sentinel Devices LLC, MillenniTEK LLC and MS Technology, Inc., announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding to demonstrate novel machine learning technology to securely monitor plant equipment.

Company personnel from MS Technology, MilleniTEK and Sentinel Devices commemorated the signing this past month in Oak Ridge.

Oak Ridge, TN – April 12,2024 – Sentinel Devices LLC, a pioneer in AI-enhanced operational technology , MS Technology, Inc., a leader in nuclear process engineering design, and MillenniTEK LLC, a manufacturing company specializing in neutron absorbers, announced today a strategic Memorandum of Understanding(MOU) to collaborate on the deployment of machine learning technologies to improve predictive maintenance of critical equipment for nuclear-related technologies.

The combined expertise of the companies merges the agility of 3 small businesses with the access to technology and infrastructure offered by nuclear-focused communities of Oak Ridge and East Tennessee. This technology helps to identify equipment degradation before a failure occurs by integrating machine learning capabilities directly into the controller, with all operations and data processing occurring local to the machinery. This approach enables all data and learnings to be kept on the equipment and does not require connecting to less-secure servers,ultimately improving the security and reliability of the monitoring and maintenance solution.

The companies will first integrate this innovative AI approach with experienced design engineering and operational/manufacturing know-how to improve the operational efficiency of nuclear ceramics and materials production.  Through joint research and development, the companies will focus on:

MillenniTEK agreed to serve as a testbed to demonstrate the technology on its manufacturing equipment and to provide feedback on operational performance.  

“The expansion of small modular reactors, advanced reactors, and related nuclear technologies highlights the need for resilient processes that self-monitor their performance,” said Peter Newby, President of MS Technology. “This AI technology may be a game changer in reducing O&M costs for nuclear applications.”

Forrest Shriver, CEO of Sentinel Devices said, "with digital I&C becoming ever more important,developing data-driven AI that is integral to plant equipment, and fully explainable, will dramatically change how maintenance is performed and ultimately improve the efficiency with which nuclear plants operate. We are very excited to be able to work with our partners to implement this technology and improve economics of the industry.”

This collaboration marks a significant step forward in deploying technologies that improve operational costs of nuclear processes.


About Sentinel Devices

Sentinel Devices LLC is an AI-focused research and development company dedicated to machine learning technologies that are decentralized and offline, integrating analytics and monitoring into the machines themselves rather than in the cloud. Its technology enhances machine monitoring to identify issues early, reduce downtime, and modernize process equipment, all without requiring customers installing new infrastructure or compromising existing cybersecurity policies.

About MS Technology,Inc.

MS Technology is a small business engineering firm headquartered in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.  Founded in 1994, the company provides A/E design services, specialty consulting services, nuclear equipment design/fabrication, and short- and long-term staff augmentation. MS Technology specializes in unique and complex nuclear projects for mission-critical programs, and it currently supports DOE prime contractors, and commercial nuclear energy entities.

About MillenniTEK

MillenniTEK LLC manufactures control rod components for use in the core of nuclear reactors. MillenniTek also supports Small Modular Reactor manufacturers by developing nuclear grade materials and efficient manufacturing methods with a focus on reducing the cost of critical SMR components. Its NQA-1 quality program has been in place since2010 with millions of components, including gamma and neutron shielding supplied to fuel fabricators worldwide.

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